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Paigit - Engineering Services is a provider of engineering services, specializing in delivering engineering solutions to meet the evolving needs of construction industry primarily focused in Australia and United States.

Uncompromised Quality
is Our Motto

In order to speed up the work in an effective and affordable way, builders and contractors of all levels can benefit from the different services provided by Paigit Engineering Services, which leverage construction experience and provide quality assurance and safety compliance.

Optimization at all levels

In order to create safe, high-quality structures within predetermined budgets and timeframes, Paigit Engineering Services manages projects, coordinates resources, and applies specialized knowledge.

Titto Mathew
Civil Engineer


Years of Experience

About Me

You can trust in our expertise and personalized approach.

An experienced Civil Engineer with a passion for international business and a wealth of knowledge gained through 18+ years of working in the formwork industry. My diverse background has led me to work in various countries, giving me a unique perspective on global business practices and engineering solutions.