3. Quantity surveying.

Cost Estimation

Prepare accurate and detailed cost estimates for construction projects by analysing project plans, specifications, and scope of work. Consider factors such as labour, materials, equipment, and overheads to determine project costs.


Source and select suppliers and subcontractors for construction projects. Evaluate bids, negotiate pricing and terms, and prepare procurement documentation. Monitor procurement activities to ensure timely delivery of materials and services

Cost Control

Monitor project costs throughout the construction process, identifying cost variations and implementing strategies to control expenses. Conduct regular cost reviews, provide cost forecasts, and report on budget deviations to project stakeholders.

Value Engineering

Identify opportunities for value engineering to optimize project costs without compromising quality. Collaborate with design teams and contractors to propose cost-saving alternatives and evaluate their feasibility.

Financial Reporting

Prepare regular financial reports and cost analysis summaries for project stakeholders. Provide accurate cost data for monthly progress reports, budget reviews, and final accounts.

Variation Management

Assess and evaluate variations to project scope, design changes, or additional works. Prepare and negotiate variation orders to ensure fair and reasonable compensation for changes in project scope.

Project Coordination

Collaborate with project teams to ensure smooth coordination between different stakeholders. Work closely with architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors to address cost-related issues and resolve conflicts